VCs and the Sea of Content Sameness
Jay Acunzo

Made me think of this book: “Different: Escaping the Competitive Herd”, a great read! Interesting to have the inside perspecive of how nextview positions itself: I‘m a fan of “Traction” yet until today hadn’t realized it was nextview’s podcast! (associate it to you an ex-Googler) And this even though we’re currently talking to investors… This made me realize that it isn’t about trusting a VC brand, it’s about trusting certain people associated to a firm and that in turn builds the firm’s brand equity. For example I’ll trust PG’s essays from YC, or Benedict Evan’s analysis’ or Marc Andreesen’s theories from a16z, or Mark Suster’s opinions from Upfront… I follow these individuals because over time I’ve come to respect their points of view. So, yes white-labeling all content probably wouldn’t make a difference but in the end it’s not about that… rather it’s about discovering quality content via a trustworthy influencer whose opinions I respect.