Squirting is Peeing
Emma Lindsay


I’m on board with your article. I’m glad to see it discussed and it is consistent with my experience with partners who squirted (copiously) at times in my life. Aside from remembering the towel to save the sheets it was never an issue for me or them as far as know.

But it is interesting to me as a woman of trans experience how different men’s and women’s bodies seem to function in this respect. My body (speaking only for myself since I’m never really sure how much of my experience translates to men or women in the larger population) was physically and painfully incapable of doing both at the same time. Or even nearly adjacent to the same time. No matter how urgent my bladder was I was incapable of releasing it until the sexual tension had passed, and even then it was usually accompained by discomfort.

I never realized that that wasn’t true for everyone.