Who Are You? (Sending a Consistent Message Online, Everywhere)

In the last month or two I’ve revamped my website and logo (you can read more about that here). As a result I had a mix of old and new logos, bios and images that I needed to tidy up to ensure that I’m communicating a consistent message across my various social media channels. Although this is something I make a point of highlighting to site owners, I had totally overlooked it in my own case! My thanks go to a fellow site designer who reached with a few words of advice. I thought it might be helpful to list all the spaces I tidied up in case you ever go through a process like this and need a handy checklist.

To get started I recommend you make a quick list of ALL the places where your profile pic, logo, bio, and banners appear online. Your list will include all the social media platforms you use for business, and perhaps for personal reasons as well if they include any business links.

1. Twitter


  • Twitter banner image
  • Profile image
  • Bio/about &
  • Website link

2. Personal Facebook Page


  • Intro
  • About — to include a link to my business page
  • Featured photos

3. Business Facebook Page

Update intro, about & featured details on left hand panel of Facebook page.


  • Profile pic (to new logo)
  • Facebook banner
  • About
  • Story
  • Website link

4. Instagram

Updated profile pic to logo, and added new banner which matches my other social media banners.

This one is a little tricky. I don’t specifically use my Instagram to punt my website or market myself. I have always used it as more of a micro blog, or visual journal and I’m loathe to turn it into anything else, so I am keeping it more personal — no logo. But I did update my site details there.


  • Personal profile pic
  • Website link
  • More emoji!

5. Pinterest

Although I’m a BIG fan of Pinterest, I haven’t really effectively used Pinterest for my business so far. My feeling is rather have NO presence on a platform than an unused presence. A dead space or unused space communicates that nothing is going on.

At this stage I am going to hang back from Pinterest and use it more for personal research, projects and so on.

Okay scrap that. I’ve decided to stick with Pinterest and do the following:

  • Update profile pic to logo
  • Update bio to match site/Facebook/Twitter etc
  • Switch to business profile

In the near future I need to come back here and really work on building more of a business Pinterest presence.

6. Google+

I don’t use Google+ a whole lot but I thought I might as well update it as well:


  • Profile pic
  • Banner
  • About

7. Social Sharing Image

When you share an image from your site to a social platform, its usually accompanied by an image. With Squarespace, you can set that image. I updated this to an image I felt was representative of my site, no matter what content is being used. I was nervous of someone sharing a link from my site and having a stretched logo, or some equally obscure image, showing up. So this is a safe route to go.

8. Steller

I’m a big fan of Steller, a story telling app (you can read more about that over here), so I needed to update this as well. Again, its a space I share more personal projects, so I was hesitant to add a logo rather than a personal profile pic.


  • Personal profile pic
  • Banner (similar to Twitter, Facebook for Business, Google+)
  • Website link
  • Bio

9. Email Signature

I just googled ‘How to add an image and clickable links to my gmail signature’ and found a few helpful tutorials on how to do this. The most simple one was to open a google doc, create a two column, one row table, remove the lines, upload an image on the left, and text with clickable links on the right. Then select copy all, open up your gmail settings and paste that content into your ‘signature’ section. Mine looked something like this.

Copy and paste a simple table from google docs into your gmail signature.

Alternatively, you can use something like WiseStamp.


  • Add image
  • Add clickable links

10. Online Invoicing System

I use Wave accounting system for my quotes and invoicing. Because the invoice is customisable, I had loaded my old logo here and needed to sort that out.


  • Upload new logo

11. Favicon

If you’ve done a rebrand, don’t forget to update your favicon. A favicon the icon associated with a URL that is displayed in a browser’s address bar or next to the site name in a bookmark list. It is quite easy to create one of these. Just google ‘favicon generator’, upload your logo, and download the resulting .ico file.

Update your favicon.

One last thing…

Don’t forget to check that all the links to and from your site and social media are live, not broken, and lead to the right destination!

Keeping your online profiles consistent across all channels helps potential clients recognize who you are immediately. With so little time to make an impression, and with so many other competing voices out there, this is something I would recommend doing every few months to keep on top of your game!

Originally published at www.bearista.co.za.