A complete guide to becoming a hirable Vue.js developer

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After a few years of working with React, I was getting more and more curious about Vue and its growing ecosystem. I’m thrilled that I now get to dedicate my whole time to it, having recently joined a company that uses Vue for all its front end.

What a blast! The learning curve is nothing compared to React’s. It just feels like everything falls into place, and in the end, I find it so much easier than with React to keep the app clean, readable, maintainable, and scalable. This is my very personal opinion, of course, and I still find lots of advantages to using React. …

A complete guide of high-quality resources to become a professional developer in 6 months

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A few years ago, after six years of working at business positions in the tech industry, I decided to make a career switch to become a software engineer full-time. I made the choice to follow a self-teaching journey as I already had the academic background, having originally graduated from a master’s degree as an engineer. So all I needed was to ramp up on the latest technologies to learn how applications are built, front to back, in this modern age. But since so much had changed after all these years, I had to start all over from scratch.

To my amazement, I found a tremendous amount of highly qualitative resources online. Some were free, some were available for around 10 to $15, and some were more expensive. And as I was getting the same question each time when talking about my switch, people being curious about what it takes to learn to code by yourself, where to start, what path to follow, what methods to apply, and so on, I decided I’d write a post on it. …

5 Characteristics Of The company You Should Work For (Or Build)

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Coronavirus crisis deeply impacted how we work and live. Months of containment forced millions of people worldwide to work remotely, impacting how they perceive their jobs, companies, work-life balance, and more broadly their professional identity. People and companies all over the world are now questioning their work environment.

How important is work in our life? What do we bring to society as a professional? What is our place in our current organization? What conditions reveal our full potential? Is our professional identity fulfilling? All the more questions that leave us wondering what life we want tomorrow.

Having worked at several different companies from GAFAs to startups, all having different work environments, management values and rules, I’ve identified 5 characteristics of companies that will impact your job performance and satisfaction for the better… or the worse. Whether you’re looking for a new job, starting a new company, or managing a team, this article will help you understand the hidden characteristics of the most successful work environments. …

Let’s give your command line a makeover

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If you’re here, chances are you’re not a big fan of your terminal, and entering commands is probably on your painful-moments list as a developer. Been there. But we spend a significant amount of time in there, so we’d better make it enjoyable to be as productive as we can.

And as you probably spent a significant amount of time customizing your code editor — choosing the best font, installing the Material Icon theme to have great-looking files and folders, and choosing the best extensions out there — well, there’s no reason not to give your terminal a little makeover, too. …

A step-by-step guide to building a file uploader for your app

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I’ve come to work on several projects that required the implementation of a file uploader and always found it was not that easy.

Handing a file format opens different questions: “What exactly is a file? What are we sending through the wire? How do we handle such a format to store it and make it available to users?”

I recently built one using Firebase Cloud Storage as the file storing space and thought I would have enjoyed a post walking me through understanding how it all works and how to set it up correctly.

So, here it is, I hope it will answer those questions for you and I provide the repo for the full project if you need a boilerplate for your next project. …

Deployment made easy, fast, and free by Heroku

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Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash

I recently decided to ramp up on Vue.js and Nuxt.js and followed an awesome course on Vue Mastery — which I highly recommend if you’re interested in discovering the Vue.jc ecosystem (big thanks to Gregg and his fellows for their high-quality courses).

After building a small example app to discover Nuxt, we deployed the app on Heroku, and I was so impressed by the blazing-fast experience that I just had to share the few steps here for every one to use.

The use case is simple: You developed an application with your favorite front framework, and you want to test it in production and show it to your users and your mom without bothering with technicalities. Heroku allows you to serve your app directly from your remote repo in just seven steps, which are as follows. …

Complete step-by-step guide

Firebase makes it easy to set up the whole auth system for an app

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Credit: background photo with computer and cup by Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash

Authentication is a complex topic which is not to be taken lightly.

I discovered the ins and outs of it when I built the authentication system from scratch of my first real-world application, Mark, a Chrome extension which lets you pin web pages right in your new tab home page in Chrome.

Thankfully, Firebase makes it incredibly easy for us to set up the whole auth system for our app in a matter of hours, compared to days or even weeks if you’re doing it yourself from scratch.

This guide aims at taking you from an empty React application to one with a full authentication system in place, using Firebase Auth. …


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