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The Future of Advertising Is Ours

A friend of mine just returned from Cabo. On my newsfeed, there is an album called “Mexico! :)”. I click through "Mexico! :)” Ordinarily, I would be…

Decide for Me

How privileged AI might save our brains

The other day, I read a wonderful piece in Nautilus Magazine about the teacher-student relationship held between…

Hubspot, Skimbox, and the Rise of Relevance

Our online worlds are becoming increasingly filtered for our convenience.

The Savage and the Sieve

Why publishing platforms are not news outlets

This is a post for Medium, about Medium, published on Medium. Depending on your definition…

Typing through Tin Cans

meditations on modern communication

Until I went off to college, most of my communication happened face-to-face when it happened at all. I…

The Coattail Trap

When Mimicry Fails

Recently, I joined a swim team. The pool where we practice has five lanes, and the speed of the swimmers goes up with the numbers. I…

The Name Game

Ockham was right. 

When I was writing my book, the first draft was the easiest. Each blank page really was a carte blanche; there were no precedents and no…

Copy/Paste/Pray, or How I Taught Myself to Code in 4 Years and 5 Months*


1. Remember that kid in high school, the kid who lugged around a 17 inch XPS and wore…


What happens if ads go fully native? 

I am coming off four days at Internet Week, where I have learned that product companies are becoming content…

The General Specific

What the Misinterpretation of Evergreen Hath Wrought

Let’s play a little game called content madlibs. Can you fill in these blanks?