You’ll Change Your Mind
Ariel Bethencourt

Do you know, I have no idea how my car runs. I am intelligent, capable of grasping the concepts and mechanics, and I have owned many cars. But I have no idea how it runs. I could if I wanted to, but I just don’t… want to. I take it in to my mechanic when the oil meter tells me it’s less than 15%, and I let him fix whatever he wants to (he actually is a really great guy who explains what happens if I don’t fix it, but doesn’t try to tell me what all the parts do and why they do it, unless I ask him. He’s also awesome about “Well, if it were my car, I probably wouldn’t do anything to it yet, but I thought you should know” when he finds something that will need fixing down the road. But I digress…), and I pay him whatever he asks me. I could probably save a lot of money if I changed my own oil, checked my brakes and treds myself. But it’s just not something I care to make time for.

What I’m saying is… everyone has something that is popular that they just have no interest in. I don’t think it makes you abnormal or unnatural, and it makes me sad that others do think of you that way. It means their perspective is limited to their own experience or their own desires, and that makes me pity them.

I have two children. I want more. I love my children very much. I am a great mother, a great teacher, and I have a lot of life experiences to share. I truly believe that I make the world a better place and that I can guide my children into making the world a better place. That’s why we exist.

If your purpose can be achieved without children, or would be hampered by children, then I agree with you: do what is best for you. I don’t believe that’s selfish. I believe starting something half-heartedly, or because it’s the easy choice, the default choice: that’s selfish, lazy, and ultimately self-defeating and will reflect poorly on our world. It’s not easy to choose to live a way that few others are living. You must frequently forge your own path, and your support network will be smaller because others will not have the same experiences. But the network you will find/have found, I have a feeling will be stronger and more affirming, because they have also forged their own paths.

Many people make decisions based on what others around them have done or told them to do. If everyone is a thread in society’s tapestry, and all the threads go one direction… you don’t have a tapestry. You have a lot of threads in a row. We need the strong cross-threads, the different colors and thicknesses, the different materials, the criss-crosses and patches and knots, to make a beautiful, strong, long-lasting society. You are strong thread.