DANCE — first chakra

By TheDigitalArtist

The dance of life seems chaotic, slow, speed, space and silence…madness but always the beat of life behind. If we lived without dancing we would be as nothing, with it we are whole, we begin. Never close your ears to the music, be it happy or sad or both. The music is as breath, breathe in, breathe out. All things move and evolve with the music. Peace is achieved when the music is followed.

Channelled 03/02/2007

The seeds of love are planted deep, the seeds of time deeper still. To do what must be done just breathe and believe all is and will be in its’ own time. What is to be done is what is to be done, random events that flow and cohere as if there were no plan but there always is. Knowledge too great leaves no room for will, no room for the stream of true essence to flow. Trying to second guess every outcome will only lead to stress and a false sense of control. Seeds grow in their own time or not at all for some who are unwilling to see them but they grow nonetheless.

Channelled 15/03/2014

MANTRA= staying in the present

Om Hreem [pronounced om hah-reem]


On each hand touch together tips of thumbs and ring fingers. Extend remaining fingers.


Whilst inhaling imagine Earth energy rising up through soles of feet, through entire body and out through crown to the cosmos. Hold breath for a few seconds. On exhalation imagine golden energy raining back down to you and into the surrounding ground. Repeat with each breath.


The root chakra is the source of all knowledge. Many think that attribute belongs to the others but the first chakra holds the key to allowing knowledge to filter through to the rest. Without a root chakra in good working order the others will all faulter to some degree. Grounding is the best therapy for the first, it must stay firmly anchored to remain stable.


Aids in maintaining the tempo of life. Will allow one to quicken or slow one’s pace to match the needs of life.


What we call miracles is just what’s supposed to happen. We either go with it or stand in its’ way.

Edward Kesey Moore — author

I had no intention of publishing this bit of work until Paul Fidalgo’s story In Between The Pictures Is The Dance reminded me of it. I hope it is of use to someone but it is only now as I nearly finish typing that I realize that while the above exercises may be of benefit to the root chakra perhaps all we really need to do is dance.