4 Proven Ways to Optimise Your Life for Daily Happiness


About five years ago I went through a quarter-life crisis.

I was stuck in a huge rut.

I hated my job.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life.

And my only experience with an online business was the fact that ASOS delivered to my house about once a week.

I didn’t have any career or professional goals (even though I’m sure I was supposed to).

I had no clue as to what my next move was, and I didn’t like that feeling at all.

However, I found some silver lining. Amidst that ‘woe is me’ period I had a moment of clarity. An ‘aha’ moment if you will.

I decided that since I didn’t have any career goals, I would have to focus on a life goal.

And that one was surprisingly easy to figure out.

I wanted to start optimising my life for happiness.

My goal was to wake up and go to sleep happy, every day.

I didn’t expect to walk around without any worries or unhappiness.

But I did hope to find the answers to making sure any sadness I did experience never lasted more than a day.

I was going to create the kind of environment that generated positivity and happiness even during tough times.

How To Achieve Daily Happiness

It’s a helluva start, being able to recognise what makes you happy. — Lucille Ball

Whatever makes you happier, you want to be able to include in your life as often as possible.

And to do that, you need to know what those things are.

Until you know what sparks joy and delight in your life, you can’t optimise for it, can you?

The first step is to identify what makes you happy.

Seems simple enough. But most people never take the time to think through their answers.

So be better than most people and make your list today; a list of all the things that would make your life happier.

Be sure you put out into the universe exactly the things that bring you joy and what you’d like to experience more of.

Once you know the things that make you happy, you’ll be able to uncover the steps to making those things more consistent throughout your daily routine.

4 Proven Ways to Optimise Your Life For Daily Happiness

Over the years I have had a lot of fun experimenting with my happiness list.

It’s created a lot of opportunity within my life (and now my business) that I wouldn’t have thought possible before.

Below are four things that stand out as being the highlights of the whole experience. The pillars that hold up the rest of my happiness foundation.

I hope they can spark some positive changes in your life.

1. Choosing time and freedom over money

In 2012 I decided I wanted to live a more fulfilling life and therefore needed to fix the thing that was the biggest drain on my happiness — my soul crushing corporate job.

So I made the decision to go part-time.

I presented the offer to my work, negotiated the terms and was able to drop to thirty hours a week.

In that single moment, I felt I took control of my life.

I said NO to money and YES to time. Time to work on me and my dreams and spend more time with the ones I loved.

I now had an extra 10 hours every week, to do with what I pleased (which came in excellent handy when I decided to pursue my business dreams).

I also learnt to work smarter in my job and get more done in less time.

When you value time over money, you create more freedom.

What is one way you could optimise your life right now, that could lead to more time and freedom later on?

2. Create deeper bonds and more love in your life.

Fantastic relationships and a strong support system can make or break you (especially in business).

Love and acceptance have the power to help you achieve great things and the right people in your corner can make all the difference.

I have been with my husband for over seven years now, and he’s undoubtedly the best friend I have ever had.

We hold the same values, we are ambitious, and we have undying love and support for each other. He has helped me build a foundation of happiness, love and self-worth (which is some incredibly powerful sh*t).

Every day we make time to talk about our goals, our work and our progress. We also make time to just veg out in front of the TV, eat good food and play with our dog.

If our routines ever change, then we always make sure we know when our time together will be.

It’s something that guides many of the decisions we make and the opportunities we choose to pursue.

Those daily connections are what fuel our relationship, make us stronger and create a healthy work-life balance for both of us.

Who is someone in your life that you want to develop a deeper relationship with?

What can you do daily, that could build that relationship and make it stronger?

How can you invite more love in your life so you can be happier and experience greater support?

3. Create a driving vision and purpose.

I was miserable in a 9–5 job for a very long time.

It was the only part of my life that caused distress and unhappiness.

I felt I lacked purpose and direction and desperately needed a way out.

I wanted to start doing something that ignited passion in me.

That something ended up being online business and entrepreneurship.

It combined my love of personal development and growth, with my love of being in control and creating things.

It was the answer to taking everything to the next level, and I was determined to be seriously successful.

When I caught the business bug in early 2014, I immediately consumed everything I could about how to build a business myself and started putting things into practice as soon as possible.

The knowledge and experience that I gained resulted in my exit from my 9–5 job in 2016.

There have been many bumps and failures along the way (and I know there will be much more) but having the opportunity to work on something I created myself, every day, makes me euphoric.

Finding your purpose can empower you to take bigger risks and feel confident in your value and ability.

What is guiding your journey?

What is the purpose driving you towards your goals?

What lights the fire that keeps you going even when times get tough?

What makes you happy simply by working on it?

4. Having something to nurture and provide unconditional love for.

Getting a dog is something I wanted since I was a young girl.

We had pets growing up, and I loved them dearly, but they were not my sole responsibility (that’s what Mums are for, duh).

But I always knew that someday I would have my own and that it would make me deliriously happy.

If I had a puppy, it would put my natural nurturing instincts to work, and it would provide a source of companionship that is unrivalled in this world!

For years I put off pet ownership because I didn’t want to leave my pup at home for 8–9 hours during the day while I had to work.

But when I went part-time at my corporate gig, I was finally okay with it. Between my Husband’s hours and my own, our dog wouldn’t be left alone for more than 6 hours every day and most days it was less.

By creating more time and freedom with my part-time decision, I was able to say yes to fulfilling a childhood dream (which, I can confidently confirm, has created an evergreen drip of daily happiness).

You might not have the same feelings about pets as I do, but is there something else that generates that same feeling of elation?

Is there something you want but can’t have because you don’t have the time or freedom?

I think daily happiness is a goal that everyone should share.

It feeds into every area of your life.

It makes you a better wife. A better mother. A better friend. A better sister. A better colleague. A better boss.

A better human.

So have a think about what would make you happy.

Is it becoming healthier?
 Is it getting more productive?
 Is it getting more support?
 Is it creating more freedom?

What could you do to invite more of that happiness in?

Take 20 minutes to list all your ideas (good and bad). Brain dump your happiness thoughts onto a piece of paper and then stare at it for a while.

What is one simple tweak you can make to optimise for happiness today?

Review your list thoroughly and if you’re ready to make some positive and lasting changes in your life, choose one of the items on it and take the first step.

Until next time,

X Claire

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