Note: I wrote this poem several years ago, but revised it semi recently.

~Inspired by the 2013 film Blackfish~(view the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqvAM0tHTAA)

Once, he was infinite
 calling all of the wide span of blue his home.

He had no god.

In a flash, he was converted.

Stripped of an identity.

Taken away from his possessions and put in a world with a new uniform:

Illusive Freedom.

A fabrication of his former life.

Remnants of his past would tempt him,

upon awakening each morning,

he would open his eyes to see the blue that surrounded him.

In the next moment,

he could tell it was mere fantasy.

What color is deception?

Blue tinged with the gray smudges smeared on the glass tank that encloses him.

day after day after day

no break in the monotony

the tedium the longing the despair

the compression that pushes down down down on his lungs

every time he goes up for air what he hears are not the shrill calls of birds

what he feels is not the crisp wind

what he smells is not sea salt

instead there are children screaming

stale air

smells of fake popcorn butter

And Commercialized Happiness.

Is it any wonder that sometimes he needs the white-hot rage to overtake him?

To embrace the powerful cetacean body Nature has endowed him with?

To remember what it’s like to be infinite?