Making Mental Health Cool

A few weeks ago I missed my weekly netball game to go to an event on mental health instead. I wasn’t super confident in my decision as it’s only once a week that I get to play with some pretty awesome ladies and I count netball time as a big part of my overall wellbeing.

There was nothing to worry about as the first Sanctus event exceeded expectations.

Throughout the evening, we heard from three guest speakers, as well as Sanctus founder James Routledge and Gestalt therapist Alex Neumann. All of the speakers were generous and open in their stories and deserve a write up individually, however I want to focus on a theme weaving through all of them:

Know yourself before, and separate to, your business.
Take responsibility for your own health, this includes your mental health. Do not wait until you are in crisis.

I’m currently interviewing entrepreneurs about their wellbeing as part of my Masters in Psychology, so this event was part personal interest, part academic. Most interesting for me is that the common thread above, has also been present in my research interviews so far.

It’s really easy to suffer from tunnel vision when you never leave the tunnel. Given another common theme in my research (so far) is passion, this is a tricky one. It’s really easy to spend all your time doing something you’re passionate about. However obsessive passion isn’t healthy. You will achieve more if you are well. Your own definition of wellbeing may differ to mine, or James’ or any of the other speakers, but knowing it is a place to start.

I know I need time outdoors, time with people (being an extrovert ain’t all rainbows and lollipops) and some form of challenge (or ‘one hard thing’). As well as the extra fun things like going on the Harry Potter Studio tour when you best friend visits from Australia!

What do you need for your wellbeing/mental health?

How can you share this with someone else to help Sanctus on the mission to make mental health cool?