Today I’m here to talk about my love affair with the logical Exclusive-Or (XOR). Some pronounce is “ex-or”, others pronounce it “ZOR”. Either way, I am dedicating my time this year to blogging about bit manipulation. I do this in hope that some soul out there, digging up boolean algebra topics like I did, will stumble across my work. I hope I can provide engaging material to somebody out there, who shares in my fascination with bit manipulation.

As a primer, for those of you who are unfamiliar with boolean algebra, or for those who need a refresher:

What is the logical XOR?

An XOR is an operator. There are operators in arithmetic that you’re definitely familiar with.
+, −, ÷…

Claire Li

Silicon Valley Witch. devOps & Site Reliability Engineering. Back-end Software Engineer. Likes high-level hardware + low-level software. Distributed Systems. ♡

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