Reminiscence of a Journey: Shadow & Light in the Corners of a Life: The Light Series

The Addiction Splash Zone

By: C.L. Schupbach

The corners of our lives hold shadow and light and frame our experience. Some days the shadows extend from a corner overwhelming the spirit and soul with despair. Other days the light washes a corner blindingly brilliant, cleansing the soul.


We sat on the corner of the bed holding the small box. The smallness of the box seemed an insult to the largeness of his life. A sweet sorrow filtered into the room as we journeyed through his final items. Lastly, on the bottom in the corner was a slip of paper…

“God give her peace about work and remove her stress and give her peace….”

A final written prayer…


The light from the corner this day, came from him. How could he have seen? He had been on the street…battling addiction. He lost everything. He had nothing. With his body, heart and soul full of pain and struggle he peered through my veil and pierced my truth.


Light…blinding, purifying and blistering removed all illusion and struck a truth, deeply hidden within my heart walls. What was the truth? I had no peace.

I dropped to my knees. He saw I didn’t have peace. He asked for peace…for me…He saw me for me. He gave to me. How could this truth be so secluded in the shadows of my life? I had been blind to my own condition

To those struggling with addiction you have gifts for the world. Your pain and struggle gift you with insight and wisdom others haven’t bled for. You have blinding, cleansing light to share.

This is part of a series of my journey through The Addiction Splash Zone. Here is the link to the initial journal entry.