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Don’t mind borrowing your time for a few minutes? This is a article about what I learned about loops, and it might be helpful for you. Have you ever wondered what kind of loops are there and how they function? Let me tell you. These are some examples about how loops can be used.

A fire-detecting self-driving drone is a drone that flies by itself above forests trying to find fires. They can make a lot of trouble disappear and never exist anymore. They can also go around cities to detect if any buildings are on fire. Even though it isn’t made yet, I think high tech things will produce more and more. Maybe fire-detecting self-driving drones can even turn off fires and save people.

Another example is a tiny robot insect that goes into humans’ body to detect and kill cancer cells. Those tiny robot insects will save millions of human lives or even more. People have high probabilities to get cancer. Cancer is a disease that can’t cure even after a long time. Only some people can get cured.

These two examples are examples that helps people a lot and repeats the same thing over and over. The fire drone finds and detects fires over and over, and robot insects detect and kill cancer cells over and over. These are examples of loops that repeats many times.

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