Today’s Lesson — Debugging

Guess what I did today? I had a debugging lesson in computer class as you can see in the title.

No matter how perfect people are, everyone makes mistakes. We shouldn’t tell people not to make any bugs, instead, we should tell people how to debug. It helps people work way more easier.

Our class was to debug by doing a relay race between two groups. We needed teamwork to do the debugging correct and fast. I found out that teamwork is important and learned that even though debugging needs time to learn, it is worth learning. Even though our team wasn’t the first one to finish, I suppose that everyone learned something.

I debugged by using paper and pencil to be used to what debug is. The debug skills I learned were turn right, turn left, move forward, move back and some functions like making turn right into 3 times. There was an algorithm in each of the codes.

Wish that everyone would try to learn debugging after reading this article. Even though you might not think it’s worth learning and thinks that it is just a waste of time, think about what debugging helps you. It helps save your time and makes your electrons last longer.

Hope that everyone enjoyed reading my article and please read the other article I wrote about coding!