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Photo credit: Top left — DeSoto Records/Jawbox, top middle — Erica Bruce, bottom middle — Katherine Davis, bottom left — DeSoto Records/Jawbox, right — Threespot/Chris Montwill

Bill Barbot is one of the founders of the creative agency Threespot, a firm that says on their website that their mission is to “use our time and talents to make a difference. All day, every day.” Before Threespot, Barbot played guitar and sang in bands in the DC punk scene.

On September 14, he’ll be joining Roman Mars, host of 99% Invisible, in an event called The Punk Rock Type. He took the time to sit down and answer questions about punk, aspects of the lifestyle, and the creative forces that should drive our own lives.

AIGA: So, let’s start at the beginning — what is punk? …


Claire Blaustein

Writer, editor, designer | fiddler @byandbyband | board member at @aigadc |

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