Total Recall = Totally Awesome

A big gap in my film watching history is 80's action flicks. I don’t think I saw Schwarzenegger in a movie until 2008 when I finally got around to watching the first Terminator.
I decided to watch Total Recall (1990) on Netflix mostly to check off another box on the list of 80's action classics. My husband promised this was one of the better Schwarzenegger films, and I assumed that just meant zingy one-liners and a lot of people getting shot.
I was surprised at how much more this movie had to offer. Total Recall has a ton of great philosophical food for thought. The movie messes with reality and memory in a way similar to Christopher Nolan’s movies (Memento, Inception). I would also argue (literally did with my husband) that the movie’s ending brings up some dark questions about humans and free will. Take a deeper look at the ending, did the hero really choose his own path or was it already determined for him.
This movie is far from being a buried treasure, but if like me you still haven’t seen it in 2014, the basic gist is that a construction worker in a futuristic world discovers his life is not what he thought it was and all of his memories might be lies.
Even if you have seen the movie before, this seems like it would be a good rewatch. Look beyond the 80's action cliques and I think you will find a really solid story underneath. This seems like the kind of movie where every time you watch it you probably find something you didn’t notice before.

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