The Light Princess

It’s got a bit nippy recently hasn’t it? December is nearly upon us which means that we can openly start celebrating Christmas! I’m normally completely disorganised and am usually found having a mild breakdown on Christmas eve still trying to find Aunt Cath a Santa’s outfit for her pooch. It’s a disaster, which is why I’m slightly shocked (and I don’t want to sound smug or anything) that the tree’s already up and most of the presents are wrapped. Instead of dreading the usual spectacle that is Christmas, this year I’ve decided to fully embrace it.

This weekend (not quite December, but close enough…) has been filled with many Christmassy festivities including a trip to the Tabacco Factory Theatre to see their annual Christmas show. This year’s show, George MacDonald’s Scottish fairytale The Light Princess, tells the tale of a princess who is cursed as a baby and therefore loses her gravity. The princess has great fun flying around and getting up to mischief, although it makes it difficult for her to take anything seriously. Until she meets her prince…

Directed by John Nicholson, Designed by Phil Eddolls and with fantastic original music from Verity Standen, this magical show cleverly transports the audience to the Light Princess’s world.

This is one for the whole family and I definitely heard the adults laughing as hard as the kids.

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