Picture yourself as social media intern
Marquette University

Pick me! Pick me!

Hi! My name is Claire Meyers and I am a junior studying Public Relations with a minor in Criminology & Law Studies. I’m from St. Louis, Missouri and I’ll talk your ear off about it if you let me. I love mashed potatoes, trying new things, and kids’ movies (including but not limited to Up, Inside Out, and the Emperor’s New Groove).

Now for the main event, I am going to tell you why I will make the best new social media intern!

1 I’m EXCITED. After going through a partially-through-life crisis and realizing Biomedical Sciences wasn’t for me, I found my niche in Public Relations the summer before my junior year. My newness to the communication world just motivates me more to get going and figure everything out. I’m so stoked to find an internship that helps cultivate my new found passion and what better place to start than Marquette?

good golly just LOOK at how happy that dog is

2 I’m a people person. This is what led me to PR and is what makes me so excited for the future. I enjoy working with new people and I think of myself as a really friendly, outgoing person. I promise to make every day in the office just a little bit better!

3I am creative and think outside of the norm. While I won’t go around the office spraying you with Windex when you have an ailment, I will bring my best new and creative ideas to all that I do. I love trying out new programs (such as Medium) to bring the things that I love to social media in new ways.

(HOPEFULLY you get the My Big Fat Greek Wedding reference, if not, check it out)

4 I can talk about the things I love for days. One of the biggest things I love? Marquette. I cannot imagine a better job than to promote the place I call my home and all of its great attributes through something I use everyday.

The first GIF I ever made :’)

5I LOVE a good story. Through my blog (shystrangeandmanic.wordpress.com) and my Snapchat stories (I have a series called Day in the Life of Claire & another called Happening Now), I have been known to tell a pretty good tale. This is not only a good life skill but it also helps on social media where good story-telling is a must. Humor definitely doesn’t hurt either and I think I am hilarious.

story time!

6 I sincerely believe I am the best candidate for the job. I believe my drive and determination, past experience, communication skills, flexibility and adaptability, leadership abilities, and personality make me an ideal choice for the social media intern position.

While I think I’ve made a pretty good argument here, feel free to look me up and judge my social media skills yourself on Twitter (@truth_or_CLAIRE) and Instagram (@claire__meyers) and Facebook too but you’re really just going to find a lot of embarrassing pictures of me from high school :/ That’s all I’ve got for you but I must say, this was the most fun application I’ve ever “filled” out. Thank you for considering me for this position! Have a rad day :)