A $4 smartphone and The miKind Network

The miKind Network Campaign was created soon after I had been approached by a young man who lives in Uganda who asked me to help him with fundraising ideas for his community project. Offering the small number of ideas I had at the time didn’t seem enough for me and I realised how much more effective it would be if he and other community workers like him from all over the world had access to an online network of like minded community projects. After some research and feedback received, The miKind Network Campaign was born — An initiative to create an online hub for all community projects/groups and organisations worldwide to come together locally, nationally and internationally to inspire, empower, share, showcase and support each other.

Today I read with keen interest, an article from Aljazeera reporting that a manufacturer in Noida, India had started selling a new smartphone, called the ‘Freedom 251’, for the price of less than $4 equal to 251 rupees or £2.55. Instantly I was reminded of the young man who contacted me. He was using a smartphone to reach out in an effort to gain knowledge in order to improve the life of the children within his community. He is out there creating contacts at the moment quite randomly and soon he will have the option to tap into the miKind Network, where he can instantly connect to a world of like-minded others all driving their communities forward with sheer determination, passion and kindness. With the advancement of technology and the resulting affordability of these ‘freedom devices’ it opens up new possibilities and opportunities for all communities to connect and inspire like never before. When communities move forward, we all move forward. This is the miKind Network vision. The miKind Network is launching with miKindWomen 2016, connecting women’s community projects worldwide. Find out more at www.mikindnetwork.com.