My Top 10 Favorite Facebook Advertising Features
Larry Kim

Larry, thanks for this article. I love all of your insights both here and in the countless other works I’ve read by you. You always help me look for new ways to market myself. I couldn’t agree more with you when you say that one day, Facebook might be all video all day. The popularity of this type of content is completely understandable — it’s easy to digest, visually appealing, and interactive — but it’s power is just undeniable. I mean 100 million hours of videos watched is literally more than a lifetime of content. I think people who drag their feet now in getting started with video will just really regret it and spend the next few years just playing catch up in their industries and with their own competitors. I know that so many companies and marketers say they have limited resources for video as it seems so expensive and intimidating. But that’s really the beauty with video and Facebook. These two things have literally put professional video in the hands of everyone. It’s like it evened the playing field for big brands and little ones. No matter where you look you have accessible tools for everyone to use to create videos that engage and convert — whether it’s Facebook Live, Snapchat Stories, or creation tools like Promo by Slidely. The demand and popularity has led to platforms and tools coming together to make video easier for literally everyone. And for those marketers and brands who pass, it could end up being a truly unfortunate miss.

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