A new testimonial for Abernathy

These very kind words came from Rose Drew, a poet, physical anthropologist and founder of Stairwell Books, whom I met at the wonderful York Spoken Word open mic night, which she hosts alongside Alan Gillott:

“The first thing that strikes you, listening to Claire read, is her voice: calm, assured, engaging. It shouldn’t matter if a writer can read well: but it does. How else do people get ‘discovered’? The next thing — within seconds, actually — that you realise is that you’re sitting forward. Listening acutely. Captivated by the story, the scenery unfolding, the icy fog of breath in a winter’s landscape, the cold unyielding reality of the girl, dead, in the snow. The shock of encounter. The tale.”

Of course, as always, visit http://unbound.co.uk/books/abernathy to pledge and pre-order the book.

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