Claire Quigley, thanks for taking the time to comment!

It’s a bit unusual but there are increasing numbers of coders who enjoy mixing arts and science, e.g. making music with code: or writing bots that repost tweets to make rhyming couplets:

I’ve always thought functional programming was more elegant by nature (though I’ve still written a fair amount of inelegant functional code!) It usually also takes a lot less code to get the job done. It can be slightly less immediately understandable than other styles of programming language — a bit like doing a cryptic crossword. But, as with the crosswords, once you’ve got hold of the “style” of thinking about things it’s fine. (The only exam I ever admired the elegance of a question in was one on FP).

Haskell was the first functional language I learned and there’s a book available online “Learn you a Haskell for Great Good”

I don’t have any poems on Medium at the moment, but you can read a few here: . Good to chat to you!