Redstars blog week 5

This week we explored props, which are rarely taught in KS3 schools, so was very exciting to learn. We started off by sitting in a circle and Director Claire showed us her bag full of props. She went around the circle and gave everyone an object. We then discussed all the items and suggested storylines and things associated with the prop. It was good to see everyone’s input being acknowledged, and everyone having a go. We next got into groups of 2–5 and chose one prop. Using the ideas from the whole group, and skills we have learnt in previous weeks, we were asked to create a short piece about our props. I think this was a great task as it made the actors direct their pieces, see how a prop can make the difference in a performance and learn how to control and work with a group. At the end of the session, some lucky groups performed their work and there was a wide variety of topics and storylines. Two of our redstars boys, Ryan and Alex, did monologues, which was very brave, as they had no one else to tell the story with them. They both did great and told a really vivid story. Not long until half term, so we are all looking forward to next weeks sessions. There’s still spaces available on so please visit our website for more information.

Rosie :)

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