First of all, congratulations!

If you and your therapist have decided that it is time for you to go off into the world as your own therapist, it means you have done the work and your therapist is confident in your capabilities.

It can sometimes be a bit scary and sad to pause or end therapy, especially if you have been seeing one therapist for a while, and that is okay. These feelings aren’t signs that you aren’t ready to end therapy yet; they’re just normal human emotions that come along with the uncertainty of ending (any kind of) relationship.

How to tune into your values to solve tough problems, make smarter decisions, and be the most authentic version of yourself.

“Why am I not satisfied with my work?”

“Do I want to have children?”

“What should I do with my life?”

“Am I with the right person?”

“Where should I eat for lunch?”

Problems like these are ubiquitous and unavoidable. They are what make us conscious human beings. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make them any easier to solve. As mental health professionals, we know this to be true since these kinds of issues take up a considerable amount of space in sessions. …

A conversation with Mixpanel’s Suhail Doshi on company building, mood management hacks, and, of course, therapy.

Credit: San Francisco Business Times

Suhail Doshi is co-founder and former CEO of Mixpanel, a web and mobile analytics platform. He’s also a husband, a friend, and a big fan of self-improvement. Kip co-founder and CEO Ti Zhao explores how Suhail balances a demanding job with the rest of his life through therapy sessions, vulnerability, and shared Google Documents with his wife.

Tell me a little bit more about your journey with Mixpanel.

When you start a company at twenty, one of the greatest flaws and benefits is your own naivete. It’s starting out thinking, “maybe I know everything that I need to know so far” and kind of not realizing the depth of things that…

I remember the exact moment when I realized I needed to quit my job. I was wearing a wrist brace, frantically running back and forth between giving savasana massages in a 98-degree room and laundering dirty towels, while also responsible for checking in every yoga student that walked through the door. Mentally and physically exhausted, injured, underpaid, overwhelmed, and sweaty as hell, it was then that I realized I’d hit “job rock bottom”.

Toxic bosses, unsurprisingly, have a pretty damaging effect on their employees’ wellbeing. A recent study by the University of Manchester exploring employees’ mental health while working for…

The truth is, we’re all wired to connect with each other.

A few years ago, I found myself in a job with a schedule that most of my friends would have killed for.

I joined a well-respected technology company in Silicon Valley. My team worked from home more often than not, which meant that even if I did choose to embark on the two-hour Bart/CalTrain odyssey to work, it was rarely worth my time. I’d walk into a mostly empty office, my entire team working from their home offices, and I would have wasted four full hours of my day…

At Kip, our mission is to bridge the gap between what human beings need to heal and what they’re getting from the mental health industry today. We are inspired to get up each morning and pursue our mission, because mental health is a massive problem.

  • 27% of U.S. adults experience a mental health disorder each year.
  • The average American has a 47% chance of suffering from a mental health disorder during his/her lifetime.
  • 55% of those who live to 75 will suffer from a mental illness — a statistic worth noting as the baby boomers approach this milestone in great…

We are wired to learn and grow through positive relationships; so, it would make sense that we experience positive outcomes in therapy when we find a therapeutic environment that allows us to build a strong relationship with our therapist, who then serves as our model and our guide. The research backs this up. Study 1 after study 2 show that people enjoy the best therapeutic outcomes when they are free to tap in to the neurobiological networks that facilitate human growth and change. Said plainly, those who enjoy the best results from therapy:

  1. believe that therapy can work
  2. find the…

When an employee calls in sick, nobody bats an eyelash. Often times, employers won’t even require a doctor’s note or any details — a sick day is a totally acceptable, understandable excuse for taking the day off from work.

But when was the last time you heard about one of your colleagues taking a mental health day? Well, when you do, it’s because it made the news.

This exposes a massive problem.

The lingering mental health stigma is no secret. Many still view those who are proactive about their mental health as a sign of weakness. And no, we’re not…

I was raped three years ago.

The incident itself was horrific, yes, but that was just the beginning. Overcome by self-induced anxiety, shame, and doubt, I was at my most vulnerable. Rather than receiving empathy or support, I was showered in blame, hate, and mockery. My friends abandoned me. My rapist laughed at me. I had never felt so alone, so scared, and so disgusted with myself. I soon fell into a deep depression — I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, and felt like I had nowhere to turn. Unfortunately, this is not a unique story.

When so many of my…

Claire Sanguedolce

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