The simple travel bag

The world of travel bags was non-existent to me until I met a couple of very smart travellers. I hadn’t given much thought at all to the bag I took travelling. As long as it fitted all of my stuff, I was happy.

When I say all of my stuff I mean my whole wardrobe. I will definitely need my high heel wooden clogs in Thailand, and what if I fall down in a muddy puddle? I’d better bring 5 pair of pants just incase that dreaded puddle rears its muddy belly.

You get the idea. I.Did.Not.Travel.Light. There are no two ways around it.

I cringe when I think about the suitcase I left Melbourne with on route to a couple of years working in Vancouver. It was huge and filled to the brim with useless articles of clothing that I would one day offload to a charity, rarely worn in my new country.

So fast forward to 2011, once again hopping on a plane bound for San Fransisco and a stint working with a tech start-up, suitcase loaded up again (had I not learnt anything?). In my defence I have always been interested in fashion and enjoyed having a robust wardrobe. And up until a few years ago I believed the larger the wardrobe the happier I would be.. but that’s another article.

The move didn’t end up being what we thought it would be, but I did learn a concept which was totally foreign to me.. carry on only. I was obsessed. Obsessed with the carry on bag and finding the one perfect for me and my new found interest in travelling light, who’d have thunk it!

As we all know the internet in full of opinions, some useful some not but full none the less. I searched top to bottom and front to back, around the sides and underneath, and finally that magic moment.

The Crumpler LLA 3 Day Pack (this is not an ad). It’s lean with clean lines, enough room to travel for 2 weeks in Japan comfortably but not enough room to pack my whole wardrobe… WIN!

The art of packing light has not only changed the way I travel but has spread to multiple parts of my life, and I have the simplicity of a smart designed bag to thank. It’s an exciting time and I plan to share more in future posts.

I’m happy to have you along for the ride — as long as you fit in my carry on!

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