Less is more

Why less is more

When it comes time to kick back finally and relax and be entertained after a long day, we’re saturated with more options and choices than ever before. There are hundreds of channels to choose from with the most basic cable package. Fire up Netflix and you might end up googling top 100 lists for half an hour trying to decide what to watch. Hit up YouTube, and you have to search through the 300 hours of video uploaded that day. Want tacos? The pursuit of the best on Yelp begins. We’re all using technology to maximize the little spare time we have but with all this choice, but we’re ending up with less time in the process.

“We are surrounded by modern, time-saving devices, but we never seem to have enough time.” ― Barry Schwartz, The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less

In reality, it’s human nature to value things that are hard to get… limited edition, luxury, exclusive, invite-only. Quantity and mediocrity are now commonplace, but we crave quality. We want special.

Judging by the Yeezy resale values, evidently we want what’s hard to get. Less is more. Source: highsnobsociety

I’ve learned (the hard way) that spending 5 hours a day with my significant other while texting, watching TV, or being distracted by a YouTube video is very different than if I were to spend 20 minutes of quality time just talking. It’s more important to me to have one true friend I can count on in a moments notice than it is to have 1,000 Facebook friends.

Similarly, Stageme would rather give you a place to watch a handful of truly breathtaking performances, than give you 1 million videos of lesser quality to dig through — no searching or scrolling required. We want every act you watch to evoke a state of awe. We want your experience to be inspiring, not fatiguing.

That is why we’re excited to share some big news. The Stageme you see today is changing. We’ve broken ground on a revolutionary mobile app experience that is going to take away all the work when you come to see who’s on stage. We are evolving into a truly virtual venue for the internet’s best performers. Where you don’t know who’s on next, but you know they’ll be good. All you need… is a ticket.

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