Christmas Time (a misleading title to this poorly written piece)

As I sit in my living room on December the 12th and spend way too long googling the song Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) and discover that it’s not in fact by (in my opinion the greatest Christmas singer ever) Michael Buble, I wonder what the hell am I doing.

I am a 15 year old girl living in Sydney Australia and yesterday was the last day of year 10, thus this is my first day of the holidays. Just then I counted how many days I will have off.

For 46 days I will be free from the constraints of having to wake up at 7 o’clock and having to end my day at 3:15. A feeling of limitless possibilities and excitement.

For the last week I have been feeling a bit sickly so I decided today would be my rest day. I ate some Pringles and many a Favourite. Caught up on all The Office, Parks and Recreation building up in the foxtel box and spent an unhealthy amount of time on the interweb.

Something I have noticed this past year is that fact that “coding”, and learning how to “code” is a very trendy and necessary skill if you wan’t to get any type of job in the IT world. And I mean it’s not like it ever hasn’t been necessary but the number of jobs in the IT industry are on the rise and the number of websites, articles and videos out there on how to code are now everywhere. There is a big push on teaching kids how to code, there are so many apps that teach kids the basic building blocks and in google latest christmas “thingy”, santatracker day number 9 was a learn to code game.

So why have I spent the last paragraph blabbing on about coding, well the truth is I don’t have any programming languages under my belt. Since I was a very little I have known that a future in computers and the world of information technology has been in my future. I love using computers to their fullest and have always enjoyed learning how to use them better. Why wouldn’t I want to learn how to make them. From my junior school years to now teachers would ask “who is good with computers” and my fellow peers would call on me and I would then go up and turn on “Mirror Displays” to make the projector work and be called a hero so we could then watch a movie.

But recently with the introduction of an IST (information software technology) class to my school, that was non existent when I chose my electives, I got stuck with learning french for the past 4 years. (A subject I never excelled at and will now only help me in the odd French categories on episodes of Jeopardy) To be honest I feel like I have missed out a little bit, because I have tried to learn python through Codeacademy and either I’am not very good at it or I just haven’t given it my best effort yet because I don’t really have a reason to at the moment.

The world is constantly chaining and evolving and I guess I’m just a little bit scared about falling behind the times. What I’m worried about is a future nightmare that involves me in 2026 having to get my 7 year old niece to reprogram my personal robot slave because I never learnt Java.

I know I’m being silly because I know I’m still young but the place where I’m at in my life I’m exposed to so many young successful people changing the world doing great things and I can’t see my self getting out of the pyjamas for the next 3 days.

Im also definitely not smart enough to get a high paying job like a dentist, and not good looking enough to fall back on a modelling career and my humour is really an acquired taste so stand up is a long shot.

I guess when the time comes I will take the time to learn a programming language but now I will just use Wix to make my websites and I will just wait to make my million dollar app.

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