Health Benefits of Broccoli

It’s the king of the cabbage family of flowering vegetables, it’s crunchy and great in a salad, and it’s one of the healthiest foods to be munching on at any time in the day. For quite some time now, eating broccoli has been shorthand for healthy eating in the popular imagination. We think it’s time to take a step back from the recent favorites like avocados and kale and get some more broccoli back on the table. Here are a few of the health benefits that broccoli offers:

  • Research suggests that the sulforaphane found in broccoli directly counteracts cancer cells in their early and progressive stages. Some scientists believe that any future cure for cancer will likely be based on some developments around this component of the broccoli.
  • Like any good veggie, broccoli brings all of its nutritional benefits with a good amount of fiber. Eating broccoli will make sure that you get all the beneficial nutrients with a built in conveyor belt that moves thing along in the gut to keep you detoxed always.
  • The fiber in broccoli has another effect, it lowers LDL cholesterol in your cardiovascular system, thereby reducing hypertension and regulating blood sugar.
  • The antioxidants found in broccoli also have a double set of benefits. They make your immune system stronger against inflammations and infections, and also keep you looking and feeling younger. This means your body is less susceptible to acute illnesses and chronic degenerative diseases.
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