It took a lot to transcend my native environment and mindsets. And I’ve purposefully become a far different person than who I was 10 years ago.
Why Even Ambitious People Rarely Become Successful
Benjamin P. Hardy

I am in the process of transcendence and it is really difficult. Being an international student from Malaysia, pursuing my undergraduate degree in UC Berkeley is a huge step and being surrounded by students who have a lot of achievements has made me feel like an imposter most of the time.

Growing up in Asian culture shaped me to become a very passive person, and I blamed that characteristic as it hinders my progression as a student and as a person. But playing victim does not serve any purpose, it is better to let that go.

I find your words reassuring as it gives me hope and confidence that one day I can go from where I am to where I want to be, as long as I am committed to the required actions of honing myself, and of course, resiliency. I understand that good things take time and that it is inevitable to put in work on myself in order to change, to be successful. I wanted to thank you for putting out these information, I learn a lot from reading them:)

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