Seeing is Believing Part Two

The Centurion still stared at Jess but she fixed her gaze on a distant blur just over his shoulder. She kept walking but waited for the touch of a hand on her arm, the clipboard thrust under her nose and the loud, chipper voice required of every charity collector.

Not this time. She had her own problems, she didn’t need to feel guilty about everybody else. If anything she should be the one who-


A blur of white, a screech of rubber on tarmac and a van jerked to a stop just a few steps away from her.

‘Watch where you’re going,’ the driver shouted, banging his fist against the steering wheel.

The crowd had faded away and she stood alone in the road. She’d done it again, missed the bloody raised dots on the pavement. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

‘Blind cow!’

The driver revved the engine, wrenched the van into gear and sped away.

Shaky and sick, Jess retreated to the pavement and caught hold of the guard rail. She clung to the cool metal, ignoring the push and shove of people. Bent over she took quick gasps of air, the scent of hot rubber burning inside her nose.

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