I was lucky to have met Anna in Rotterdam this April, during the V4 Startups in the Netherlands 2019 pitch event. She is a really straightforward, outgoing and motivated woman with the ambition to create a startup that connects the people in need of know-how with the right person who…

And yet another month has passed, summer has arrived and I decided to venture back to Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

This month you can read an interview with an astonishing Hungarian woman — Kinga Ince. She is a mother of two beautiful children, runs her own company in Budapest and London while she is part of The Nine.

Read on to get motivated!

  • Please introduce yourself and tell us about what you do?

“I’m Kinga Incze, former CEO of Magna Global Hungary — a media expert from…

Please introduce yourself! What do you do?

I am a project manager working in communication, marketing and business storytelling in Tech, Innovation, and Creativity. I moved to London a year ago after spending 13 years working in Hong Kong and Beijing. Asia is where I started my entrepreneurial journey. …

Ruta is a young, ambitious woman full of energy who believes in diversity. She has worked with corporate branding in several countries before she decided to dive into the world of Startups in London, UK. She has launched her own startup in 2016 with another empowering woman Viktorija Agne Mackeviciute.

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your company!

I am Ruta one of the two co-founders at Praba750. I have worked with branding in Germany, Denmark and in the United Kingdom before I decided to venture out into the startup ecosystem. Praba750 is reimagining one of the world’s oldest industries to set a strong example of the founders’…

portraits: Zászlós Mariann

In our next interview, you will get a chance to hear from Luca Jakab, the proud owner of ArtConsious — a London based startup, which is an online marketplace and knowledge hub for art lovers and collectors. She believes that women have the same opportunities as men within the sphere of startups, and if they use the right soft-skills they can become successful CEO’s.

Please Introduce yourself and your startup

I live in London since 2013, and I am a qualified cultural manager. It was my dream for a very long time to create such an online platform that can connect and represent multiple creative artists and venues, and through which modern art and design trends can be interpreted more…

This December Startup Campus Women interview is with Diana Florescu, an extremely ambitious and strong woman with Romanian origins, currently living in London. Five years ago, when she moved to the UK, she started working with startups and entrepreneurs. She soon decided to ditch the corporate world and run her own company. During her studies, she gained knowledge in digital marketing and did an MSc at UCL about entrepreneurship and how to take your business idea to market. She’s has already been a co-founder and worked in several startups from early-stages to scaleups.

“I joined the first technology startup back in 2015 where I got a flavor of how it is to run a company. Later when I was studying at UCL, I joined a gaming startup and in 2016 I was approached by my first co-founder and established Local Spoon. After my…

Women all around the world face problems with their menstruation cycles, cramps, contraception pills, and pregnancy. Most of the time it is not easy for them to speak about it openly. Hajnalka Héjja is helping these women overcome their fears and problems in the previously mentioned topics with her AI based application SuperIzzy.

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your startup!

“SuperIzzy AI is a Messenger based chatbot, which has been working for 2 years now. With its help the users can constantly monitor their menstruation cycles, cramps, they can speak with Izzy about contraceptional pills and she can alert the users when they need to take it. For the moment…

Building startups is a hard, messy process with no shortcuts. Triin Linamagi has been involved in building startups for 11 years, since graduating University. She co-founded two companies and was part of founding team of three startups. She was heading ecosystem at Startupbootcamp FinTech accelerator and is now looking after investments at Founders Factory, a highly active early-stage investor in London.

Please introduce yourself and tell us about what you do? What is your connection to startups?

“Currently, I am working as part of the Investment team at Founders Factory — a highly active early-stage investor in London backed by seven leading international corporates. Aside from that, I am helping startups to scale in the UK and beyond, I’m also part of British Estonian Chamber of Commerce

Claire Xuclà

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