Terry McAuliffe

Terry McAuliffe was born in New York in 1957. He graduated from Catholic University and Georgetown Law School. After graduation McAuliffe started a law firm and opened Federal City National Bank, married his wife Dorthy in 1999 and had five children.

He began his career at 23-years-old when he became Jimmy Carter’s financial advisor. From 2000–2005 McAuliffe served as the chairman for the Democratic National Committee, he co-chaired President Bill Clinton’s 1996 campaign and Hilary Clinton’s 2008 Presidential campaign. McAuliffe was elected governor of Virginia in 2013.

McAuliffe is well known for being a master fundraiser. He broke records while working for Carter and became famous for wresteling an alligator in exchange for a $15,000 donation. While working for the Democratic National Committee McAuliffee raised $578 million.

One of McAuliffe’s primary issues is restoring voting rights for felons. The governor believes that once they have served their time, felons should be reintegrated into our society by being restored the right to vote.

McAuliffe is pro-choice and believes women should have a choice about her pregnancy. He supports Planned Parenthood and safe, legal abortions. McAuliffe supports gay marriage and recently vetoed a bill that would allow ministers and others absatin from marrying homosexual couples because of his or her religious beliefts.


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