“I want my right hand woman / man… Where do I even begin?”

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Regardless of whether you’re hiring a 5th team member, 1st team member etc… Make sure you know WHAT you are hiring for, WHY you need them, and the overall ROI you can expect from having this person on board (like, don’t get a data analyst as your team member if your annual priority is on writing books etc).

THEN. Begin by hiring a general virtual assistant (part time). The tasks you want to be offloading are email management, basic social media graphics and all of that. PRETTY MUCH, if you can trust your high school-er nephew to do this, you are good to go.

As your general virtual assistant is getting a hang of things, from administrative perspective (as you shift them more towards that role), you bring on more specialized people. Then you bring on a middle chain of command (online business manager / project manager is a good example) because it won’t make sense for you to be the direct supervisor for 5 people when you are a CEO. It’s not a good use of your time or energy.

Hiring someone for the middle chain of command (manager / online business manger / project manager / director) etc is a different discussion as a whole. It’s your responsibility as a CEO to know what kind of person you should bring on in order to complement your strengths / weaknesses. Some people are more specialized in marketing role while some may come from a bit more of a technical background. Not only that, you need to know exactly what you want them to do as well! If they’re going to be overseeing and managing things, what kind of things or people will they be managing? (Pretty much, what I wrote above). Ideally, by the time you bring on the middleman, you have a very clear idea of your business direction, what you want them to oversee, the team members are settled and all of that.

Roadblocks as you implement all these: Ensuring things are being done properly and up to your standards, where to look for people, overall recruiting strategy so that you can offload your entry level hiring to your middleman, determining what standard operating procedures you need, how to leverage your investment in team members to the maximum… and so on.

— Need more help? Want me to just do it for you? (recruiting strategy, determine which SOP’s / standard operating procedures you need, screening your next 3 staff you plan on hiring for, creating these SOP’s etc).

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