If You Couldn’t Work For 14 Days… Would You Be Able To Make More Income Than The Previous Month?

You’d think that if someone couldn’t work for 14 days on the last two weeks of the month, they won’t make much money (or exceed the income from the previous month), nor be able to go into the next month knowing it’s going to be the biggest month… Right?

WRONG. In fact, it’s completely opposite.

My taco soulmate client, Mandy, STILL made more revenue than the month before even though she couldn’t do any work for 14 days due to surgery. And she knows that despite she couldn’t work for last 2 weeks of May, June is going to be her BIGGEST month income wise.

How the duck does that happen? Simple. Really good systems and the right tech tool backing it up.

We’ve completely mapped and automated her lead generation and client acquisition system WITHOUT complicated sales funnels (so no tripwire, and we only have one single landing page). We also systemized some other key components in her business, so that even if the traffic were to 10x tomorrow… She has a complete control over her work schedule.

Now all she needs to do is relax on her couch, deliver amazing value for her community, cuddle on pups, help people to get healthy in an effortless way — and remember to mute her notifications after 3 PM because her systems are working FOR her.

And I’d love for you to be able to do the same.

I want you to have and feel the same security.

I want you to STOP blaming yourself for stepping away from your desk for whatever reason.

I want you to have those 3 day work weeks, earn more than you ever did before, and be able to commit to going to your family member’s special event WITHOUT a single second thought, or thinking “oh shit, I need to work”.

I want you to be able to go create those incredible courses, mastermind programs etc, and put all of your creative visions into a reality, KNOWING that every system and tech in your business will allow you to do it and more — and also knowing that your workload will not take a hit (except during actual launch season).

If you found yourself saying, “HECK YES, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT TOO”… Here’s the deal.

I’m looking to pair up with a couple more taco soulmate clients to create this sort of incredible result as I did for Mandy, and possibly even bigger results.

And everything I just mentioned that I want for you, and you want for yourself… I want to be your partner-in-crime in creating it faster than you’ve ever imagined. (+ did I mention I kind of love and actually get tech? That means you don’t have to figure it out or try to translate that into normal people language ;)

So if this is a YES… Leave a comment below, and let’s talk furher.