"They are new at this but they will figure it out so I don't need to onboard, train or explain anything. My new team can figure it out " you say.

Yeah, my mom said the same thing when she decided that it was a good idea to put me on skis without any lessons or telling me much. I ran into a tree. Then she got mad at me for not being able to ski properly. Like really mad. She banned me from skiing, sold my pink skis and I cried (Don't judge me, I was 5. But at least I snowboard).

It's the same for your team members or a VA. No matter how skilled they are, whatever they do won't fit your bill unless you explicitly tell them what you're looking for, and explain to them how you do things in your empire. You need to be clear on what you need and how you want things to be done. Nobody else can read your mind!

And if you are unclear on your processes, nor have good way to explain them... it's going to be a LOT of back and forth (unless you're into that of coures) #SaveALife #ToddlerThrowback #TeamOnboarding101

--Sidenote: Maybe you’ve been having trouble getting your team member (or members) to adore your mission, stay with you for a long time, do the things just the way you want, and you found that your team was almost in a way of helping to move your empire faster. Or maybe you just have no idea how to get that dreamy team member without giving away your whole entire business revenue or getting 900 applications from FB comments. If that’s the case.... message me and let’s flip this around ;)