Daily Convos with my brain: 3

10:52 pm

*you seem rather feisty, today*

It’s the adrenaline I get after I warm up and remind myself that they’re all idiots.

*do you wager he is spying on everything?*

Most likely. He is trying to find dirt since I’m so perfect, or so it seems. He needs to be more slick with looking through my histories though. He’s so insecure that it’s cute?!

*we are injecting context and blessing each platform with our presence.*

This is natural. We are genies/witches/law-abiding/God/believing/bull-shitters of the earth.

*why fix what’s not broken?*

It will be if he continues to suggest what to buy with his fucking adverts! I’m my own woman GODAMMIT. lol.

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