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“ Also misleading is the notion that Americans are at serious risk of having their homes invaded by violent criminals.”

Yet it happens numerous times, every single day. It happened to me and thank God I had a firearm to protect myself and my family. And no, it wasn’t grandpa’s double-barreled shotgun as recommended by Uncle Joe.

The far left establishment absolutely wants to ban guns from civilian ownership and Hillary IS the far left establishment. However, admitting to this would be political suicide so they go in incremental steps by advocating so-called “common sense” gun laws like universal background checks (ie, registration in anticipation of confiscation) and closing the so-called “gun show loophole” which doesn’t even exist.

With Scalia’s seat open on the supreme court, this election will decide the fate of the second amendment for generations to come. If Hillary wins, it’s gone within my lifetime. Make no mistake about that and to argue otherwise is delusional.

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