Literacy minimized to comprehension and communication has and continues to falsely accuse adolescents of illiteracy, when in fact, adolescents able to grasp the lesson of both Uncle Ray and Grandma are literate
I can to(o) read!
Arthur Cameron

I absolutely love this sentence! I have a cousin who is 40 with muscular dystrophy who is said to be suffering from mental retardation. He cannot read, write, or talk very well but he is not illiterate. He communicates by using small words, sounds, and pointing to objects or pictures. He loves watching tv and firetrucks. He can even show you what the fire truck does and how to put on the uniform. He has held down a landscaping job since he graduated high school. It bothers me to hear people talk about him being retarded in front of him believing that he doesn’t understand. Problem is…I think he does understand, he just can’t communicate. We think we see…but we are so blind.

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