5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Develop Your Own Game Backend

A powerful and reliable backend is a must for any game, complex or casual. It’s so important developers are tempted to build their own. But as you don’t develop your own 3D engine, another key part of many games, you shouldn’t develop your own backend either.

Building a backend is hard, and there are a few good reasons why you should use a backend-as-a-service provider like Clan of the Cloud.

1. You don’t have a server dev team

Fluency in several programming languages, and a good grasp on advanced programming structures and patterns can make you a great developer. It won’t, however, make you a universal one. The years you spent learning the trade of game development might not take you too far in server programming. It’s quite a special field with many tricks to learn, and even more pitfalls to avoid. You can probably build a passable server without much experience — but not a great one. We have a dedicated team of server developers who, and this is not a coincidence, don’t even try making a living by developing the next hit on Steam.

2. It’s an enormous task

How about coding a 3D engine from scratch for your next game? You might be able to write one, at least in theory; it just wouldn’t make much sense. There are incredibly powerful engines on the market, saving you from writing a few thousand lines of code just to reinvent the wheel. So, why would you develop a backend from scratch? The gaming industry is moving too fast, and working on a backend instead of the actual game is a waste of your precious time and resources.

3. Managing your own infrastructure can be difficult

Hiring server developers (or developing one by yourself) is only half of the story. You also need to manage what you’ve built, and this can become a daunting task. It requires DevOps skills, and — unless you are a superhero — you probably need to pay someone doing it for you. On a 24–7 call, of course, as you can’t really afford losing players because of a server breakdown while you are at a family dinner. Backend-as-a-service companies provide you both the backend AND the server infrastructure, often for free.

4. You should do what you do the best

Coding a backend is not a lot of fun, and managing a server is not fun at all. (Yes, some people love it, but we all know DevOps are a special breed.) You develop games for a reason: because you enjoy doing it, and you are good at it. Also, that’s where the money comes from. Do what you do the best, and love the most.

5. It’s been done already

Backend development requires certain skills which you might not have, and which you might not want to acquire either, as they won’t make you a better game developer. It also needs a lot of dedication, maybe even a bit of masochism. But it can be done. In fact, it’s been done already. There are many game backends available, some more powerful than the others, and some more affordable than the competitors’. See ours here.

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