Are you a Fighter?

David Nail came out with album, “Fighter” on July 20th, 2016. the movie “The Notebook” inspired Nail to write his album. His album deals with heartache and happiness during a relationship. He also states that newborn babies inspired his album because of the happiness that came over him with his children. The “Fighter” states that this album is extremely personal to him because it deals with many pain that has happened over the years. He has lost his record deal with Mercury, and he also dealt with depression for many years.

His leading single on his album “Night’s on Fire” has made it to number 14 on the Country Airplay Chart. My personal experience with the song is fairly different. I did not enjoy his song because the music in the background wasn’t as appealing as some country songs are. The song starts off really great until the ”screaming” comes into play. The lyrics are pretty decent, but I don’t feel the love in the song that he feels for his wife on a great night out.

Another great song on Nail’s album is “Babies.” He pours out his soul into this song while talking about the joys and fears of becoming a father to twins. He says he felt extremely empty until his children came into the world which gave him so much joy, and also pulled him out of depression. I like this song because it’s slower, but not depressing. You can feel his joy when he first saw his children, Lawson and Lillian, born.

Nail has had great hits on his album including “Ease Your Pain.” The song shows how a man would want to ease a woman’s pain through whatever she went through in her past. I liked this song due to how it’s not a love ballad because of the beat that goes along with it. The song feels upbeat to not put the listener in a downing mood.

Another song that I tended to not appeal to was “I Won’t Let You Go.” It was a slower song. While it’s a very beautiful song to listen to, it couldn’t catch my interest. It would be a great love ballad to a significant other, but if you’re looking for something to really dance to, I wouldn’t recommend it.

David Nail’s album “Fighter” has helped a lot of people around the world. His music has helped people talk about life changing events that have happened in their life that they wouldn’t have talked about in previous years. He teamed up with CMT to create an organization to help many people voice their situations, and show how much of a “Fighter” they really are.

Nail’s music has helped many people such as a woman named Brenda get through tough times with his new album. She sunk into depression and began self-medicating, but listening to Nail’s music and talking to him brought her out of addiction. Her story is just one of many that David Nail has been able to help through his Fighter organization.

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