You’ve got it all (continued)

Because there is just too much to say

Little swim in a lake? You’ve got it. (well if the weather is ever good enough)

There are a few lakes I know that you can bathe in in Luxembourg notably inthe North (after the lovely drive up). That’s where I went last summer and it was so nice. The water was very refreshing (a bit too much for some) but the view was amazing. Perfect for the very hot summer we had last year. As we were swimming in the lake, we could see people in the distance passing by on their boat. You can even go snorkeling there as well.

Skyscrapers and shopping too (or more like window shopping depending on your financial situation #studentlife)

I loved going in the city when I was bored after class and just walk around with my music on my own. It’s cozy, very clean and perfect to watch people. I used to always sit on a bench with my boyfriend at one of the main squares and have the most random conversations while watching passersby.

It’s also fun to go shopping there as you have all kinds of shops (except local shops which are very rare and like, impossible to find). However, you have a variety of high-end fashion shops such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent…etc but who are we kidding, I’ve never even set foot in these shops. I just kind of strolled between H&M and Zara and occasionally went into Mac or Sephora and try on a lipstick I’ll end up buying even though that means struggling to eat by the end of the month. OH and I’d also run into someone I know every 10 mins because Luxembourg is just that small and everyone is somehow connected.

If you happen to be there in December, you have to go to the Christmas market! They go full out on their market near the popular statue the Golden Lady. They also have a good choice of hot wine-called Gluhwein-accompanied of course by cheesy Christmas music constantly being played. It might not seem much but for me, there’s no Christmas without being to that market (I traveled there purposely for it).

Wanna have a pup crawl or go clubbing? You’ve got that too

With some friends in Luxembourg’s Duke night at Interview (the bar)

To finish off your week with some beers and fun, the city has a quite a few good international bars. I used to go almost every Friday making many forgettable and unforgettable moments. Interview is one of my favorite bars because during the day it’s a chill coffee place where you can have a coffee with friends after class and even study but on Friday nights, it’s full of people. The alternative music is great, the place is great, plus the bartenders are always super nice.

The quarter where it’s easiest to go pup crawling would be in the Grund, Clausen. That place is very lively on Friday nights because it’s full of clubs and bars (My favorite down there is this Irish pup The Pyg, I used to play live music there). Before you go on your Luxembourgish night out you must be warned of the drunken teens you will no doubt come across, don’t be shocked, the legal drinking age is 16.

Goodbye, for now

So here is where my little blogging adventure ends (for now). In my first blog I said that my goal was to teach my readers that Luxemboug is more that what the stereotypes may suggest and I hope I have achieved this goal by now. I may continue blogging one day but don’t worry I’ll stop talking about Luxembourg. I hope that next time you pass by Luxembourg, you won’t just stop for cheap gas and you’ll have a little look around. As for me, you’ll hear about me when I’ll have adventures or experiences to write about (and the time to write about them).

Until then, Addi.

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