Pill Identifier and Drug List with a Bunch of New Features!

Pill Identifier and Drug List is your best friend at the time of emergency. If you are one of those people, who do not know about Pill Identifier and Drug List, let me tell you it’s an app designed to help you get all the information about the medical world. This app has 60,000 and more drugs listed in it. Apart from this, Pill Identifier can also provide you all the necessary information about a particular medicine just by its color, shape and imprint.

I was totally unaware of this app a year ago. One day it came to me like a blessing. I was suffering from Alzheimer and most of the time I used to forget about my pills. So I always used to take them out from their packets and kept them stored in a bottle. I used to recognize them by colors, red, yellow and green, but didn’t recall which pill is for what and didn’t know what I am having. One day the worst happened. I was prescribed a high-powered medicine. When I tried to take out the medicine from the bottle, then two similar colored medicines dropped in my hand. I didn’t have any idea which medicine was for what.

In state of this utter confusion, the door bell of my house rang. Opening the door, I saw my neighbor. She came to show me a new app in her phone. Now, she saw me confused and asked what is the matter. I answered it was about my tablets. She smiled and asked, “ Are you again confused among your tablets?” I replied, “ yes”. She said, “ Don’t worry dear, give your medicines in my hand. I passed it over and then technology showed its magic.

She just gave the color, shape and imprint of the medicine in the app and a detail description of both the medicine was right on the mobile screen. I was so surprised and astonished, that I jumped up in joy. Not only my confusion about the medicines got solved, but I got an app friend that sorted out my life so well.

Now this app has some more new and advanced features that have made the app much more happening and advanced. I am going to discuss about all the new features of this app in this article. Check them out!

  • Pill Identifier

With this tool, you can search a drug by its color, shape and imprint. You just need to enter the color, shape and imprint of a drug here and soon you will get to know everything about that particular drug.

  • Drug Search

Drug search is where you can search a drug by its brand name and generic name.

  • My Meds

Here you need to bookmark the medicines that you mostly need, so that later on you can come and find out the medicine that you need to refer to.

  • BMI Calculator

Enter your age, gender, weight and height in this calculator and calculate your BMI to see how healthy you are. This calculation varies as the age grows. Main purpose of this calculator is to determine whether your body weight is suitable for your height or not.

  • Fair Price

Get to know the right price of a medicine just by entering the name, dosage and shape of the medicine.

  • Symptom Checker

Here, you just need to enter your age, gender and symptoms and you will soon get an advice based on your symptoms.

  • Blood Sugar Measurement

Get to know what is your blood sugar level. Enter your blood sugar count and get the results within seconds.

  • Blood Pressure Measurement

Enter the blood pressure count here and know what is the status of your blood pressure,low, high or normal.

  • Health Articles

Get health articles in this app and increase your knowledge about all the latest health news.

  • Market Place

With the help of this feature, you can know where to buy the best medical stuffs. This feature will help you get essential medical stuffs at justified prices.

Summing Up

Pill identifier and drug list has gained immense success in the medical world. It’s not directly related to any medical help but can lead you to a healthy life and guide you to be fit and alert always.

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