A note for mine (your) anger inssues

Our just a reminder before start arguing

I have tried everything that Goggle told me too, meditation, relaxing tea, acroyoga, baroque music, but sometimes I just cant control it. When my anger starts to grow, my manner just go away, I get blind and I can not fake a single muscle to do not contract and sign a single facial expression.

It’s like a wolf inside me, a wolf was kept in a cage for a long time, but finally someone opened the gate and the wolf runs free after only two things can happen: either you will take much time and effort to capture the wolf again or you would not even try to get close to him.

“You’re not a wolf, you are a buterfly”.

That’s what a friend said, I felt weird because I thought everyone knew that my side — at least more than my calm and peaceful side.

But the botton line was when I realised that show the inside and outside me would not make any difference. The cliche still the truth, we have to be ours selfs but we cant forget that we live in a society.

Every day we have to deal with different opinions, different behaviors, different ideologies, but most of us were not created as Mogli, we were influenced by selfish ideals that make us think that our mentality will always be right, we were hardly taught to discuss and enter into an agreement, but we were easily taught to listen, accept everything that interests us and expect others to be the same.

No, Im not happy or proud to feel like that, Im not proud to have anger issues and sometimes say things that i shouldn’t, but I know that the firt step to change it is to have the humility to know that Im wrong and the knowlege off how make it different and better, thats the only way to tame your inner wolf.