So you want to reform democracy
Joshua Tauberer

So let see. First the DNC claim the Russians hacked the election. But this of course did not matter until they lost. They claim 17 intelligence agencies confirmed this. They refuse to let ANY government officials look at their server And somehow this is acceptable. They are now allowed to start a national smear campaign against the President of the United States and his campaign. The house Republicans do nothing. The director of the FBI implies over and over again that the President is under investigation. Until he gets in front of congress and is forced to ADMIT that the President was never Under investigation. The house Republicans still do nothing. Still their GEORGE SOROS owned media proceeds to smear the President. The FBI director gets fired for a very good reason who then comes out with a supposed MEMO he wrote claiming he felt pressured by the President to stop the investigation into Flynn. A memo that we still haven’t seen. And even though he stood before Congress and few months earlier (which was after the supposed Pressured meeting) and said NO ONE has ever tried to apply pressure The House Republicans do nothing. We also find out that the DIRECTOR OF THE FBI leaked information about the President to A NEWSPAPER hoping it would prompt an investigation into the President WHO WAS NEVER UNDER INVESTIGATION. The House Republicans do nothing. AN investigator is actually hired who is the FBI DIRECTORS best buddy and he proceeds to hired a whole staff of CLINTON Sympathizes to help him basically harass the presidency and try to create evidence that still doesn’t exist ON THE TAXPAYERS DOLLARS The house Republicans STILL do nothing. We now find out that it was not 17 agencies another lie but 3 agencies and it was not the agencies themselves but people who did work for the agencies ALL WHO WERE AFFILIATED with the Clintons AND STILL THE HOUSE REPUBLICANS DO NOTHING. WHO do you think they are working for certainly not the President or the citizens of this country who put them into office. They have all the power right now . They have total power to stop this nonsense with total proof as to why they should AND STILL THEY DO NOTHING!!!HOW ABOUT WE RECUSE THE MUELLER AND THE FAKE WITCHHUNT AND START INVESTIGATING THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE ACTUALLY COMMITTED CRIMES, SUCH AS RICE, COMEY, CLINTON, OBAMA and so many more How about someone in charge DEMANDS that the DNC turn over their server so someone can actually see if it true that the RUSSIANS hacked it

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