How I made a Hard Choice

Choosing Between Two Great Options

Making a choice is so hard. I know because I’ve been there several times and I know you have too. Because you’ve told me time and time again how hard it is for you to choose whether to use this technique or that technique or finish one project as opposed to starting a new one or simply choose between colors.

Choice | Making difficult decisions | Choosing between two great options

Let’s face it when you’ve got issues with choosing one option out of many, it’s because you’ve got more than one great option. Multi-talented people often fall victim to this issue. (you’ve got to read the article I wrote on this topic. It’s a good one.)

If you’ve been reading my articles for a while, you know that starting something new is really hard for me. That’s where I encounter the most resistance, which is very true for most of us.

I’ve been wanting to start a new series and gosh, the agony!!! I narrowed it down to two themes, and now to make a choice between the two has been extremely hard. The back and forth between the two has been so painful to the point where I felt decision fatigue set in.

Why has it been so hard? Well, as you may rightfully have guessed, they’re both great options.

Series Option #1

Stacked Houses #1, 18"x 24", Drawing with threads on Fabric

The first option is to continue my architecture series. I’ve recently completed a new piece in the series, and I’m currently working on another (a colored version of my previous piece). So, the resistance here is somewhat less because I’m currently working on this theme.

But I like to start my work with my own sketches, rather than strictly working off a photo. Because I know that sketching is the gateway to artistic fulfillment. And for me, my ability to sketch great-looking architecture is still a work in progress. So let’s just put a pin in that one and move on.

Series Option #2

Acrylic Painted | Hand-Dyed | Thread Sketching | Persist
“Knitted Together” 24" x 18" — Acrylic Painted, Hand-Dyed. Thread Sketched

My second option is to continue my swirlies series (Don’t like that name very much. I might rename that series). Okay, for this series, I haven’t created a piece for a while now. So there’s a bit of inertia in starting here. And also, it’s somewhat of a challenge to employ many of my thread shading techniques here. And these are techniques I REALLY like to develop some more.

BUT, sketching these designs comes from my subconscious mind. They flow from an inner place that is relatively quite easy for me to tap into. When I pick up a sketchbook, within a few minutes I’ll have an idea going.

Final Choice

So my final choice? I decided to work on the Swirlies Series!!!Why was that? I chose the path of least resistance and most satisfaction. I get great satisfaction from drawing architecture but they’re hard for me to do. And I do get lots of satisfaction from drawing “swirlies” but they’re easier for me to do.

The best way to get myself unstuck is to make it so easy and the step so small it’s impossible for me not to take that step forward. So that’s what I’ve done. And when it comes down to it, I like the freedom to create new things out of nothing. And the discipline it requires to make the composition visually pleasing.

Your Turn

How have you solved making a difficult choice in your creative career? Do share your experiences in the comments below.

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