Being in the zone: A matter of extreme focus
Hassan Qureshi

Hassan, I’m new on Medium. I have not posted anything yet other than responding to a few postings that I read. It is my goal, though, that once I familiarize myself with the platform and begin following great people like Jon Westenberg and yourself, I hope that my writing will “flow”. Now, I read what you wrote with great interest and would like to add to it. In Vision & Design (P. 21), Roger Fry stated “And when we come to the higher works of art, where sensations are so arranged that they arouse in us deep emotions, this feeling of a special tie with the man who expressed them becomes very strong. We feel that he has expressed something which was latent in us all the time, but which we never realised, that he has revealed us to ourselves in revealing himself. And this recognition of purpose is, I believe, an essential part of the aesthetic judgement proper.” Based on this, I believe that it’s possible to experience a trance like state similar to “flow” simply through the experience of hearing or seeing something incredibly stimulating to our senses and emotions. Thank you and Keep up the great work!

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