Struggles and Successes on Social media and how to overcome them

When having social media you always think it is going to be really easy, everybody can have one it should not be that difficult, but the thing is taking really seriously these social media an you want to do it right it taks a lot of work, more than you could imagine.

One of the very first struggles that I had was, in fact, that I needed to be almost all the time active in social media. This was an easy struggle to overcome, but it probably is the one I’ve been the most time thinking about. If yu want people on Twitter to follow you you have to be active and tweet almost all the time, but carefull you do not want to be leaden.

Another big struggle that I had was the timetables, there are some hours in the day and also some days of the week in which is better to post as it gets more impacts. I looked in Pinterest for information about these better posting times and follow them so that my content got to a wider audience.

Also to do that I started to tag not only with hashtags but also people in my tweets and Instagram pictures to get even more impacts.