7 | Learn.

It’s almost one semester left to graduation, yet I remain immensely grateful for the second chance to be back in school and to get to love learning again.

I’ve always had this love-hate relationship with academia. For one, everyone knows my tough relationship with Math (yes, it earns a capitalisation for the trials and tribulations I’ve endured with it). Even as a little voice told me that I’m far greater than I tell myself, I’ve let the mediocre grades/substandard numbers assess my worth, slowly but surely. It took a toll for the past 6 years- my self-esteem dwindled and so did my understanding of the world. Three years ago, I decided to choose differently and took time to correct these bad habits, with the help of the kindest and most loving teachers I had the blessing of being taught by, whom were such givers.

Yet when I look across the classroom, I wonder how many have truly benefitted like I did / or even suffered as I did from a flawed education system that does no more than to marginalise the “alternative” kids. I wonder what will class be like if people were segregated more based on learning styles as opposed to subjects; for instance, a child with photographic memory would sit in class looking at high-definition slides that tell gorgeous stories in the simplest and most straightforward manner, while the creative kinesthetics would draw their math sums out around plain canvas walls around the room. The audio learners will hear a myriad of clearly enunciated voices actively debating real world issues and the visuals, well the most versatile of the lot, who just watch everything and take everything in. I wonder how it’ll be like if we were graded entirely on how we care, how we create passion and how we handle relationships (for this is the true life-long trial, which will take up the rest of our lives and not those performance indicators).

That being said, I too wonder if it was better off this way, where such intangibles are left to us to measure.


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