Not Just a Pretty Feed
Not Just a Pretty Feed

“You almost trust micro-influencers more, because they haven’t sold out yet.”

“I don’t call myself an influencer. I might call myself a content creator.”

“People go there just for the ‘gram — they don’t care about the culture and history of the place. It can be really damaging.”

“I don’t relate to travel influencers who get paid to travel. Because that’s not my life.”

“I trust a person more when I relate to them as a person — their interests, their life experiences.”

We hear this, all the time.

Over Zoom dinner conversations with friends (#lockdownlife), and in user research with travellers and content creators alike…

We don’t know exactly when international leisure travel will return — so it’s time to rediscover our own backyard. Wondering where to visit in Australia? What to do? How to make the most of the trip? Meet your new interstate travel guide.

Before you move on — this is no ordinary travel guide. No standard city lists here, we’re in the post-COVID world now. As cafes, restaurants and regional travel open up here’s your guide to on the new wave of domestic travel. Because if we can’t travel internationally, let’s go explore our home country.

If you’re used to jetting…

At first an impossible thought, global pandemic forced millennials into a life of zero travel. But as the world begins its recovery, what does travel look like in a post-COVID world? We consider five scenarios using our millennial crystal ball...

How the world will travel again post COVID-19 is anyone’s guess. This is unprecedented territory — our world had become more globalised than ever, then it all stopped almost overnight.

There are a lot of articles flying around predicting doom and gloom. But us millennials are used to working with what we’ve got, and using technology to help. So we’ve…

Millennials are the current bane of the travel industry, but have you really tried to understand us? At Travis we’re a bunch of millennials building a digital solution to our travel woes — and have a few tales to tell.

Being smack bang in the middle of the millennial bracket (fresh into my thirties), it’s been interesting to experience and observe my friends navigate the shift into a digital world. Digital disruption — as you’ve probably heard it called. We are the generation who have seen the world both before and after technology became our lifeline. …

A couple of millennials fed up with the complexities of trip planning, a multi-lingual techie, a globe trotting nomad and a social media maverick. With over 40 countries visited between us, welcome to the Travis team.

We’ve been plugging away for a few months now, but thought it was time to share a bit about ourselves. A few weeks ago we launched #ArmchairAdventures as a response to global lockdown. But this is only the beginning.

So who is team Travis? We’re a young team working remotely across Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. A small and mighty team of 5 millennials, we…

Unprecedented global lockdown has put a halt to travel and with it the main pastime of millennials. For a digital generation not used to standing still, there’s only one thing we can do — turn to the virtual world.

The virtual world usually gets a bad rap — between the endless scrolling and TMI (too-much-information) posts it’s no wonder. We often end the experience feeling both tired and mildly anxious. Not managed the right way, social media can be destructive, enticing us away from reality and productivity.

But when all travel was made impossible and we were forced to #stayhome…

As a travel start up suddenly faced with global lockdown, we had to pivot quickly. So we built a way for people to travel virtually. These are our reflections now we’re a month in.

Our shift to a new normal

It was March when things started to escalate. COVID-19 had already been declared a global pandemic. But now the world was witnessing just how bad things could get. So in the space of a couple of weeks, we all switched into a new normal. What had started as limiting social interaction became a blanket closure of public spaces and venues across most of the globe. …

Got the travel bug but stuck at home? Wondering how to keep the dream alive? Here are 8 ways to share your travel stories— without leaving the house.

Here at Travis we’ve been virtual travelling for a few weeks now over at Armchair Adventures. With the current state of lockdown, we’ve decided to travel through the stories of others. Continuing on from Part 1 of this series, here’s four ways we’re seeing our travellers capture the world.

#5 — The one who breathes culture 🎨

Centuries old statues in squares, contemporary installations, or graffitied laneways. You can stumble on art…

Old travel photos gathering virtual dust on your phone? Wondering what to do with them? Here are 8 ways to share the love — without leaving the house.

If you’re like me, you have hundreds (thousands even) of travel snaps still on your phone / laptop / camera. But with so many, where to start? How to organise it all? When to find the time? OMG, there’s just too many 😱.

Hold on, maybe there’s a way out of this.

Here at Travis we’ve been armchair travelling for a few weeks now — and it’s funny to see how we…

Virtual yoga, home delivery wine and cheese, or camping under the stars. Here’s our nifty guide to keep you from getting restless this long weekend.

As the Easter long weekend approaches, hope of taking that little getaway is starting to fade. Here in Australia we’re in the middle of lockdown, which means essential travel only. A trip to the local supermarket has become the new adventure (will I find pasta, or will I have to improvise?).

So a trip away — local, interstate or further afield — is definitely off the cards this long weekend. But never fear. There are…

Clare Lynton

Born and raised Aussie, who enjoys living and working in global cities. Travel insights. Leveraging technology. Forever learning.

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