Are You An Introverted Entrepreneur? 3 Reasons Why You Need To Find Out — Now

Clare Josa
Jun 22, 2017 · 4 min read

Well, are you an introverted entrepreneur? I’m curious!

We’re not talking shy vs out-going here. We’re talking in the Carl Jung sense, about where you get your energy from.

  • Are you a social butterfly who loves nothing more at the end of the day than to go out with a group of friends?
  • Or do you value your battery-recharging quiet time, with a good book or a few loved-ones, to help you relax and unwind?
  • Or a bit of both?
Are you an introverted entrepreneur? It doesn’t mean you’re shy!

It Doesn’t Mean You’re Shy

‘Introvert’ — in the Jungian sense — is all about how you top up your energy levels. It’s not about being shy or gregarious. For those who are hard-wired (it’s a neuroscience thing) with the ‘introvert’ preference, we prefer spending time in solitude, in nature and with close friends / family.

For those with the ‘extrovert’ preference, their ideal end-of-day is something sociable — like going to the bar after work. It energises them. They love networking meetings — the buzz of meeting so many new people. They thrive on phonecalls and will chat all day long. Their idea of a ‘nightmare’ weekend would be one with no parties or events.​

And — to confuse matters — you can even end up as a shy extrovert or a gregarious introvert!

3 Important Reasons Why You Need To Know Whether You’re An Introverted Entrepreneur

  1. It changes the way you need to run your business.
    Depending on your preference (and neuroscientists have shown it’s hard-wired in your brain), you need to take different approaches to running your business. You’ll have different strengths and face different challenges. And if you’re ‘somewhere in between’ on the introvert-extrovert scale, you get the best — and hardest — of both worlds.
  2. What biz-gurus recommend often won’t work for you.
    Where extrovert-preference business-gurus might recommend high-octane networking and lots of live streaming, for most introverts, that’s their idea of living hell. ‘Feeling the fear and doing it anyway’ risks us pretending to be someone we’re not and creating inner conflict and stress.
    Spending time with others, especially in busy environments, wipes out our ‘people energy’ quickly. We need to disappear home and recharge our batteries.
  3. You can feel quickly drained by social media.
    When you’re an introverted entrepreneur, hanging around lots of shouty-feeling social media posts, moving at lightning speed, can feel exhausting and overwhelming. It makes us want to run and close that Facebook account. So if social media is going to be a key part of your business strategy, you need to find different ways to handle it.

Being an introverted entrepreneur can make ‘standard’ business strategy really hard work. But it can have its benefits, too.

You can be great at listening and deeply connecting with people, so building business relationships is one of your strong points. You just need to find different ways to do it.

If you keep running your business — doing your best — but not knowing whether you’re an introverted entrepreneur or extroverted entrepreneur, you’re likely to get hit-and-miss results.

Want To Find Out Whether Your An Introverted Entrepreneur?

I’ve created a quick quiz for you — based on psychology and neuroscience — that means you’re just 11 questions away from finding out the truth.

Plus, if you do turn out to be an introverted entrepreneur, there’s a bonus video for you on 3 hidden strengths you might not realise you have — and how you can use them to grow your business.

Bonus Video: 3 Hidden Strengths Of Introverted Entrepreneurs & How You Can Use Them To Grow Your Business

Even if you sneakily suspect, already, that you’re an introverted entrepreneur, you won’t want to miss out on this bonus video.

Want To Take The Quiz?

Go to

If you find it useful, please share it with any business friends who might enjoy it, too.

And make sure you pop back here, to let me know your results — and what you learn anything from the bonus video. It would be great to hear from you.

With love, Namaste,

Clare x

Clare Josa, Author of Dare To Dream Bigger, Speaker, ‘Inside Work’ Mentor To Entrepreneurs & Passionate World-Changers​

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